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Non Reactive

No TransferringOdour 

Comfortable Handle

Hardest Ceramic

Made in Japan


Stay Sharp Longer


Different length in knives affect it's different purpose and usage. Longer knives suitable for heavy duty work, meanwhile smaller sizes suitable for more delicate work such as peeling and scraping.


Parring Knife

Peeling, intricate small work


Utility Knife

Peeling, cutting fruits


Kitchen Knife

Most versatile



Chef Knife

Professional Knife

Heavy duty all purpose knife

Made for professionals. To slice, cut bigger items

anti bacterial black knife 18cm e.png

Professional Knife


Build for professionals. This professional knife is suitable for cutting or slicing bigger items, such as big fish and meat with ease and precision.

anti bacterial black knife 16cm e.png

Chef Knife


Heavy duty all purpose knife. Suitable for most of kitchen tasks such as chopping, slicing, cutting and mincing. It's sharp edges able to slice through meat and vegetables with ease.

anti bacterial black knife 14cm e.png

Kitchen Knife


It's one of the most versatile knife. Suitable for most of kitchen tasks. It's lightweight and sharp blade helps to manoeuvre easily. Available in various colours and designs.

Utility Knife


Fun and colourful versatile knife. Suitable for cutting fruits, bread, sandwiches and vegetables.

Parring Knife


Compact and handy parring knife. Equipped with cover, suitable for cutting, peeling fruits and to handle intricate tasks.

Find the right knife with the right purpose for you.

All of our series of product is equipped with comfortable ergonomics handle to enhance your kitchen experience.

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Hardest Ceramic

​​Ceramic is one of the hardest material in the world, far superior than metal. After it is sharpened, it an retain it's sharpness and will not wear out.

Even among ceramic knives, our ceramic is proven by CATRA test that is harder than other ceramics. During the test, our ceramic knives are able to cut through 58m of paper, far superior than other ceramic knives competitor. It enables our knives to be able to stay sharp longer than the others.

Stay Sharp Longer

All of our products are fully made in Singapore. We select the best material and fabricate each of our product with our own unique and precise manufacturing technology.

Made in Singapore

Our knives are coated with antibacterial properties certified by SIAA.  ​​​With anti bacterial coating, our knives are able to keep the food fresh longer and prevents food contamination.


Comfortable Handle

No Transferring Odour

Ceramic is chemically inert towards any substances. It also not porous at all, keeping the blade from transferring odour from one food item to another. You can cut something spicy, give it a quick rinse and cut something else. The spiciness won't transfer to the next item.

Ceramic is not metal, so it never rust. It also did not emit metallic ions which alter original taste of ingredients.

Ceramic prevents oxidisation that caused browning in vegetables and fruits. Such as apples, sweet potatoes, etc.

Non reactive and No Rust

Harderst Ceramic
Stay Sharp Longer
No Transfer Odour
No Reactive
Made In Japan
Comfortable Handle
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